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3 Fold, Mono Silver Umbrella with SMALL TRIANGULAR PRINTS. Well designed for both Ladies and Gents. Size : 21.5” radius, quite enough for a single person use Umbrella with sun protection thus can be ...


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  • SIZE – The radius of our umbrella is 21.5 inches and the diameter is 43 inches. This gives plenty of room for one person to cover himself/herself from the rain and sun. It is a 3 FOLD Umbrella which is around 12 inches long, that fits in most handbags. This umbrella is designed with the motive that it occupies the least space when being carried and maximum when in use.
  • MATERIALS QUALITY – The objective of our company is not to compromise on quality and thus we provide best material. The NYLON CLOTH used in this umbrella WILL PROTECT YOU FROM BOTH RAIN AND SUN. The material is WATER RESISTANT which will proctect you from torrential rain AND HAS SUN PROTECTOR.
  • FASHION STATEMENT - We strive to provide you beautiful and good quality umbrellas that can be your FASHION STATEMENT. This Fashion accessory can make you happy on a gloomy rainy day. This BEAUTIFUL LOOKING PRINTED UMBRELLA will not let you compromise on the aesthetic appeal of this fashion accessory and help you stand out in the crowd.
  • WEIGHT – The weight of the umbrella is 500 grams which will not cause any problem in carrying in bag.
  • Color: Blue, Orange, Pink, Green, Red, Purple