In the 19th century, sensational changes took place in the world of umbrellas. In 1882, Mohendra Dutt , a music composer, and distinguished Pakhwaj instrumentalist emerged as the pioneer in the manufacturing of umbrellas in India at Mahatma Gandhi Road ( formerly known as Harrison Road), Kolkata.


After his demise, in 1909, his wife Radharani Devi looked after the business till their son Bhawani Charan Dutt took over the responsibility.

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Bhawani Charan Dutt imported new machines and raw materials and made no compromises in maintaining the quality and standards of the product. Under his leadership, the business expanded in terms of production capacity and also to different geographies.

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It was during this time his son, Ashutosh Dutt (grandson of Mohendra Dutt) joined the family business. A stalwart in the industry and visionary entrepreneur, he possessed the intelligence, determination, and flexibility to run the business in tune with the changing times.
He left his engineering studies and devoted himself fully to earning a name and fame in the manufacturing of updated umbrellas. Besides his family business, he also carved a niche for himself in the construction business, printing business, printing machine manufacturing, film production, etc. He never confined himself solely to his family business rather always worked for the betterment of society.
He performed with distinction as an executive committee member of the Bengal National Chamber of Commerce. He also served remarkably as the Chairman of the Umbrella Merchants Association. He was the founder of many Traders’ Associations which pioneered in looking after the welfare and benefits of the small and medium traders and businessmen of West Bengal.

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At a tender age of 28 Kalinath Dutt (great grandson of Mohendra Dutt )lost his father (his umbrella) and is now at the helm of affairs. Being a vivid learner and an observant leader he had turned around like a wave after his father’s demise. He has played a pivotal role in expansion into new products like rainwear, rubber products, travel backpacks and widening the products portfolio into various other travel accessories. His grit, knowledge and experience has helped the business reach new standards. In his reign the business has seen heightening growth, brand upliftment and product differentiation which is remarkable in a highly competitive market. His flamboyant nature has earned him recognition to build new connections responsible for rapid growth of the business.

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He, along with his son Subhashis Dutt ( fifth generation) runs the organization and pledge to take the business forward preserving its commitment to quality it has been proud of for over a century blended with modern management practices. He has managed to blend his learning from prestigious institutes into the business. Business running through centuries need technological advancements and systems which was introduced by him. He is hard working and a diligent businessman who managed to maintain stronger bonds with clients. He has been gifted with oratory skills from his grandfather (Lt. Sri Ashutosh Dutt) which he has made good use of via networking.

Today, the business has extensive dealership and distribution channels, an extensive portfolio of products, an expanding company-owned retail network of the state-of-art manufacturing lines, a pan- India corporate clientele, and a promising online presence.