Exclusive Umbrella Collection

Exclusive Umbrella Collection

With the passage of time evolution has taken place, modernization has emerged, bringing a vast change in the mindset of people. In the same manner, Umbrella has also evolved characteristically, catering to the needs of the modern people. Though the shape and size of umbrellas  hasn’t changed much, but fabric, raw material such as ribs, rod has become lighter in weight and rust proof. In order to make umbrella a trendy accessory so as to make it appealing  to the young generation, we are focusing on cheeky and attractive prints. Rather than  just using it as a protector from rain and sun, the utility of umbrella has increased in the recent time.  Mohendra Dutt and Sons is known for it’s uniqueness and quality. To cater to different needs of the mass we have launched a EXCLUSIVE UMBRELLA COLLECTION, which includes unique products.


  1. Torch Umbrella

  1. Fan Umbrella

  1. Ventilator / Wind Vent Umbrella – Each panel of the umbrella’s canopy contains a wind venting passage that allows strong winds to pass through and minimizes potential wind breakage to the umbrella’s frame.

  1. Designer Umbrellas – These are the umbrellas with exclusive handles.
    • Horse Handle – Metal Handle crafted in shape of a horse’s face.
    • Crown Handle – The Handle is finely made in form of a king’s crown studded with stones.
    • Crystal Handle – The Handle is in form of a big size crystal.
    • Blue Stone Handle – The handle is fashioned with a exclusive blue stone, the whole look stands out among all the others.
    • Lion Handle – This metal handle is a replication of a roaring lion which provides a royal look, when carried with grace.
    • Eagle Handle – This metal handle is designed in the shape of an eagle. This can also be carried as a stick providing a fashionable and glamorous look.
    • Stone Studded Handle – This Handle is studded with stones with a solitaire in the middle.
  2. Gazebos 

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